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How do I figure out how many weights I need for my weighted relief valve?
Each valve body is 1 PSI. The valve has available either 0.5 PSI incremental weights or 1.0 PSI increment weights. Each valve size can utilize a maximum of (28) 0.5 PSI or (28) 1.0 PSI weights. For example, a 2” valve set at 15 PSI would require (28) 0.5 PSI weights. Divide 15 PSI by 0.5 PSI = 30 and subtract (2) 0.5 for the body (1 PSIG) for a total of (28) 0.5 weights. Another example, a 3” valve set at 17.5 PSI requires (16) 1.0 PSI weights and (1) 0.5 PSI with 1.0 PSI for the body.
Where can I get filter elements?
You came to the right place! We are your source for all brands of filter elements. Go to the Filter Element page on our web site or provide us with the element number. If you don't know the number, provide us with the type of media, overall height, and the inside and outside diameter and we will find an element for you.
How often should I change my filter element?
Inspect the inlet filter element every 40 hours or more depending on your operating conditions. The element should be clean and free of product. If you need replacement filter elements, contact us at 816-741-0282.
What type and how much oil should I use in my Roots blower?
The specified and recommended oil is ROOTS Synthetic oil. Part numbers, MSDS, and sump capacities can be found on the Parts page of this web site. Or you can download the operating manual for your blower and read the section on lubrication. The manual will provide the sump capacity, instructions for filling, and the part numbers of the recommended oil. Due to sludge build-up and seal leakage problems, Roots recommendation is do NOT use Mobil SHC synthetic oils in Roots blowers. If you choose to use another oil other than the specified and recommended ROOTS Synthetic, use a good grade of industrial type non-detergent, rust inhibiting, anti-foaming oil of the correct viscosity. Roots does NOT recommend the use of automotive type lubricants, as they are not formulated with the properties mentioned.
What type of grease should I use in my Roots URAI blower?
When servicing drive end bearings of a URAI AIR (Non Gas) blower, use the specified and recommended Shell Darina SD NLGI #2, product code 506762B. When servicing drive end bearings of a URAI GAS blower, use the specified NLGI #2 premium grade aluminum complex grease, Roots P/N T20019001. Download the operating manual for your blower. Read the section on lubrication. The manual will provide the recommended greasing intervals for your blower. Lithium based greases are not compatible with the Roots recommended grease and should NOT be mixed. Lithium based grease is not approved for any Roots blower.
Can you repair my blower on site?
Our factory trained technicians have all the tools and equipment necessary to repair your blower at our Kansas City location. However, in some cases, we can repair your blower at your location.
Where should I send my blower for a free repair evaluation?
Send it freight PREPAID to Pathfinder Systems, Attention: Blower Repair, 6301 Deramus Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64120. We do NOT accept blowers sent in freight Collect. Include contact information so we know who to contact with your evaluation. Typically, we can evaluate it within a couple days.
I just need a seal for my blower, where can I get it?
We are your source for Roots blower parts and repair kits. We stock repair kits, oil, grease, and many common parts. Note that it is usually more cost effective to purchase a repair kit than to buy parts individually. You can go to the Blower page on our web site to download a Quick Spec that includes drawings, parts list, and repair kits for your blower. Or just call us at 816-741-0282.
What's up with the bridge in your logo?
I don't know. Ask Frank.