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Pathfinder Systems blower repair technicians are factory trained although it is their 20+ years of experience that is value added for you. Our technicians have seen just about every type of problem that you can imagine and there isn't a blower out there that they cannot repair. A visual inspection of your blower tells them everything they need to know.

We stock major parts and repair kits to ensure quick turnaround

Competitive pricing and a full one year warranty guarantees that you can count on us for all of your repair needs. We service all brands of blowers including but not limited to:

  • Roots ™
  • GD DuroFlow ®
  • GD Sutorbilt ®
  • CycloBlower ®
  • Tuthill M-D Pneumatics ™
  • Competitor ®
  • Equalizer ®
  • PD Plus ®
  • Lamson ™
  • Hoffman ™
  • Hicks Hargreaves ®
  • Kaeser ®

Blowers arrive at our shop looking pretty nasty. The evaluation process begins.

Product contamination in the air chamber is one of the most common and preventable causes of blower failure.

Prevent product contamination by installing an air filter on your package and regularly change your filter element.

This blowers air chamber is packed with product which causes the impeller to lose clearance.

Product build-up can cause extensive damage that may not be cost effective to repair.

Always use the recommended oil in your blower. Some brands of oil cause severe sludge build up.

Burnt oil will cause extensive damage throughout the blower.

Avoid under or overfilling the unit with oil. No oil caused the gears in this unit to become soft and worn.

Blowers ship dry due to transportation regulations. Make sure you fill your blower before starting it up.

Lack of lubrication can cause extreme overheating and eventually the impeller will crack as shown on this unit.

Overhung load can cause a broken shaft. The location of the drive sheave on the shaft is critical to prevent this failure.

This picture depicts a broken shaft caused by overhung load.

Straw or gold colored impellers caused by high temperature indicate a dirty inlet filter.

High differential pressure will cause a bending force on the impellers called the banana effect.

Due to the banana effect, the impellers bend causing uneven wear on the headplate.

Improper storage of a blower will cause it to rust which will result in a lock up. Repairable, but very time consuming.

Keep the blower out of the elements. Do not let water sit inside the blower. It will rust!

The blower bone pile...don't let your blower end up here. Change your oil regularly and check your filter element.

After repair and testing, blowers leave our shop looking brand new with a 1 year warranty.