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Bulk Bag Unloaders

We design our bulk bag unloaders (BBU) to be high quality, heavy-duty, and easy to use. Standard units include a transporter frame for handling bags by forklift. The superframe utilizes a motorized trolley and electric hoist. We construct our standard units with high-strength alloys and our premium units with either stainless steel or high-strength aluminum alloys to provide the strongest BBU in the market.

Bulk Bag Unloader

Features include:

  • Heavy duty construction using stainless, mild steel, or aluminum;
  • Welded construction for maximum strength;
  • Floor mounting pads for ease of installation;
  • 4,000 pound capacity;
  • Adjustable bag height, maximum standard frame height is 13', superframe maximum height is 22';
  • Forklift or hoist loading frames;
  • Alignment cradles assist forklift driver in aligning bags. Cradle drop zone measures 36 in2;
  • Forged hooks include safety latch for ease of connecting bag loops;
  • Adjustable hook positioning ensures compatibility with all bag sizes and types;
  • Modular design facilitates upgrading or modifying unit;
  • Proprietary paddle agitation provides adjustment for force, interval, duration, and speed of actuation. Controls are fully installed and ready to run.

Options available:

  • Six configurations;
  • Glove box only designs;
  • Pinch Valves;
  • Bag hopper with vibratory agitation;
  • Iris valves, 12" and 16" available in all configurations;
  • Superframe design with fully electric hoist;
  • Vibrator agitation;
  • Custom designed units.

Overall dimensions:

  • 60” x 60” x 112” Tall (Forklift Loading)
  • 60” x 60” x 211” Tall (Superframe)

Maximum bag size:

48” x 48” x up to 8’ Tall Capacity — 4,000 Pounds